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    Managing Director - Move Mountains Foundation

    We are seeking a Managing Director for our foundation – Move Mountains.

    This is an extraordinary opportunity for the right candidate to Move Mountains by providing comfort and a cure for kids receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment during their cancer journey.

    Move Mountains is a 501c3 foundation searching for a managing director to be part of our team. Primary responsibilities include helping to develop and activate a multi-faceted fundraising strategy, develop a strong leadership team and building a durable brand to continue the vision that was created by Kyla Pokorny, the founder of Move Mountains, who’s vision was support every child undergoing treatment for cancer.

    In addition to providing comfort, Move Mountains will raise funds to support the world’s leading researchers to help find a cure for Ewing’s Sarcoma and other forms of Childhood Cancer.

    We are seeking an independent, entrepreneurial individual who is inspired to advance the strategic roadmap for Move Mountains, shown below:

    Those interested should have a track record of success in helping launch and lead a purpose driven organization serving a social mission.  This position is the first hire for our expansion and will report directly to the executive directors.

    If you’re interested, please submit your resume and either a letter or video explaining why you’re a great fit for becoming a leader on the Move Mountain’s team. All communications can be sent directly to paul@movemountains.org, or simply click below.


    Kyla Pokorny tirelessly battled Ewings Sarcoma for 7 years while dedicating her life to raising awareness and financial support to make a difference for others. Her heroic efforts and vision will continue to make an extraordinary difference in the lives of other children battling cancer. Her foundation, Move Mountains, will focus on helping every child in the U.S. who is undergoing life-improving, life-extending and life-saving chemotherapy. This will be achieved by providing every child with a Kyla Chemo Kit to deliver comfort and support for their body, mind and spirit.

    Additionally, through a national effort, Move Mountains will provide necessary funding for the advancement of Ewing sarcoma research leading to a cure against this devastating disease. - more about us


    Chemotherapy and radiation are both powerful agents, which can kill cancer cells and even cure cancer. However, due to their power they also harm healthy cells. Unfortunately, this causes a number of negative side effects, which not only effect body, but also mind and severely impact quality of life. These side effects can occur right after treatment, as well as for years afterwards and even for a lifetime. Kyla knew the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiation all too well and while she knew these treatments were necessary, she also knew that having items to help reduce the side effects was critical. Kyla’s mission is to provide chemotherapy kits to alleviate some of the suffering and provide comfort. - more info


    Ewings sarcoma is a rare type of cancer that typically affects about 200 adolescents each year. It is a cancerous tumor that grows in the bones or in the tissue surrounding the bones and in more severe cases the Ewings sarcoma can spread throughout the body. While treatment for Ewing sarcoma has improved significantly, the survival rate still only remains at between 50-70%. Our goal at Move Mountains is to help fund research to make the survival rate 100%. - more info