Chemo Kits

CV Skinlabs™ Rescue and Relief Spray
“I use it after my port tape comes off and it’s so easy to spray and best of all it doesn’t sting. It soothes my skin, even open wounds and even helps with scaly and dry skin – this saved my life during radiation.”

CV Skinlabs™ Restorative Skin Balm
“I use this on my hands and lips and really anywhere that cancer makes my skin hurt.”

Huggies® All Natural Baby Wipes
“It’s non-scented and doesn’t sting. I freak out when I run out of these because I use them so much.”

Burt’s Bees® Face Wipes
“When I’m so sick that I can’t get up to shower, these really help me to stay clean.”

CVS® Pill Splitter
"Sometimes I have to split my pills and I used a plastic knife until I found this – I couldn’t believe how much this helped me – and I was able to be exacting with ½ dosages.”

Berkshire Blanket Sweaterknit Reversible Faux Fur Throw Blanket
“This is so soft and comforting. I really depend on this blanket to make me feel better – no matter how I feel.”

Purell® Hand Sanitizer
“Germs and infection are so dangerous so I use this all the time.”

MedCenter Extra Large Pill Organizer
“I take so many pills and it’s so confusing – this organizer really helped me with my complicated medication schedule.”

“This is the only thing that really worked for me to help when I feel nauseous.”

Snoozy Non-Slip Slipper Socks
“It’s so nice to wear these in the hospital and they make it easier to walk when I feel dizzy.”

CVS® Oral Thermometer
“It’s really fast and accurate and it needs to be when you have cancer...I also like it because it glows so you can see it at night.”

Aveeno® Non-Scented Skin Care Products
“I’ve tried a lot of skin care products and so many of them have a scent that makes me nauseous, this moisturizer works really well and doesn’t smell at all.”

CVS® Brand Heating Pad
“I love it because it heats up super fast and gets really hot, really fast and it never burns me.”

Bloom Daily Planners®
“When you have cancer you have so much to do that’s so hard to remember. I like this planner to keep my appointments and reminders because I love the flower design and the inspirational quotes.”